Apple Inc.

TLDR Summary:

  • Owned rigid and flexible PCB designs
    • from early architecture and system definition
    • through schematic generation, component selection, layout and bringup
    • to design validation, debug and failure analysis.
  • Experience with design for development and test, as well as high volume production design
  • Extensive lab-work for signal characterization, subsystem validation, and FA debug
  • Skills: Mixed Signal design, Schematic Capture, Layout, Debug, System Modeling

Electrical Systems Engineer, Unannounced

2022 - present
  • Primary designer of system motherboard
  • Owned SOC processor integration and validation
  • Ethernet subsystem lead managing extensive debug effort including close controller and PHY vendor collaboration, digging deeply into PCIe and xBASE-T Ethernet protocols.
  • Extensive lab experience leading system debug, validation and characterization efforts

Electrical Systems Engineer, Mac Studio (2022)

2020 - 2022
  • Designed system’s flexible and rigid-flex PCBs including high-speed IO and interconnect
  • Owned peripheral and IO board design
  • Led IO subsystem characterization, validation and protocol compliance
  • Extensive lab experience leading system debug, validation and characterization efforts

Electrical Systems Engineer, M1 iPad Pro (2020)

2020, May - Oct
  • Developed a dynamic multi-cell system charging model in MatLab Simulink enabling simulation and design optimization for:
    • Charging Circuitry
    • Control Systems & Feedback Loops
    • Firmware Optimization
  • Validated and characterized system IO, charging and USB-C power delivery functionality

Electrical Systems Engineer, Special Projects

2019, Jan - Sept
  • Led technology investigation of TI FPD-Link high-speed serial interface
    • Designed test and dev boards using FPD-Link chipsets
    • Interface characterization and analysis
    • Summarized and presented merits of the technology for our use case to management
  • Designed subsystem development boards, test infrastructure and data collection systems

Electrical Systems Engineer, Mac Pro (2019)

2018, Jan - Sept
  • Crafted a custom ADC board with a DIMM profile and a dummy MLB using embedded strain gauges routed out the PCIe slots to measure static and dynamic strain profiles during system assembly, shipping, and other mechanical stressors.
  • Designed system peripheral high-speed IO boards
  • Developed interposer boards for early subsystem SW bringup on existing hardware
  • Owned development boards for internal bringup activities